Good Texas Longhorn bulls are supposed to sire great calves but ever so often one comes along who provides some great memories also. Meshach was such a bull.

Meshach was born March 26, 1992. He died March 1, 2008. He is the only Texas Longhorn bull to have a pen of his yearling daughters become the high selling lot at a Texas Longhorn sale.  This was not a heifer sale, but a regular sale with adult cows and most had calves at side.  The pen of three of his yearling daughters topped the Rocky Mountain Select Sale in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1999.  In 1997, his son Paul topped The Legacy Sale.  Meshach’s offspring did well at sales but he, and they, were better known for their show exploits and their stories with well known Texas Longhorn owners.


The John Randolph story!
On March 31, 2001, we sent Simeon, a son of Meshach, to the South Texas Longhorn Show in San Antonio with our fitter, Bob Dube.  Bob was showing for a lot of people and sometimes had more than one animal in a class so he would recruit one of his friends to show the other animals.  Such was the case with Simeon.  He recruited John Randolph to show him.  Simeon, with John showing him won the class, beating Bob and the bull he was showing.  John showed Simeon again in the championship round and Simeon won Junior Champion Bull.  Bob asked me who I wanted to show Simeon for Grand Champion.  I said “Well, John has been doing a pretty good job.  If he wants to show him, let him do it.”  So John Randolph led Simeon into the ring and set him up perfectly to display Simeon’s power.  Bob Dube led in the Senior Champion Bull.  The judge looked at them for a few minutes and named Simeon “Grand Champion Bull.”  The bull that Simeon beat was John Randolph’s bull!

Meshach & Joshua

The Darol Dickinson story!
When Darol Dickinson first saw Meshach he said he was the second best son of Senator he had ever seen. He featured Meshach on his Texas Longhorn Celebrity Calendar on three occasions. In 1997 at the Sale of the Elite, we consigned a pen of three Meshach daughters.  The day before the sale the International Texas Longhorn Association was holding its Championship Show. Two of the three heifers we had consigned were halter trained and qualified for the show. They had been doing pretty well and we thought that a high placement in the show would help their sale value.  Darol was the judge.  One placed third and the other fifth which was not as well as they had been doing, but it was the “Championship Show” and there were a lot of good cattle in their classes.  Still I thought they should have been placed higher.  The next day after some spirited bidding, Darol Dickinson was the high bidder for the three heifers.  I have been teasing him ever since about judging my cattle down so he could buy them.


The Youngest Bull On December 31, 1999, the Meshach son Jabez was born.  He was very correct, well-balanced and powerful, yet he was born the last day of a four month show class for TLBAA shows and the last day of a regular two month class for ITLA shows.  Against the advice of our fitter, we decided to show Jabez anyway.  Jabez did not disappoint us.  We sent him to nine shows and though he was always the youngest in his class, he won his class five times.  He won second three times and third once. Jabez won Reserve Junior Champion Bull at the ITLA Show at the East Texas State Fair in Tyler in September, 2000. At the TLBAA show in Lufkin November 18, 2000, Jabez, who was not quite 11 months old at the time, was considered a Senior bull.  However, he won his class beating bulls almost 4 months older.  He then won Senior Champion Bull beating bulls that were almost 11 months older than he was.  He competed for Grand Champion against his younger brother Simeon, another son of Meshach, who had won Junior Champion Bull.  Simeon won Grand Champion and Jabez was named Reserve Grand Champion.  Jabez, Simeon, and Naamah one of his daughters teamed up to win Get of Sire for Meshach. It was the first of many times Meshach would win Get of Sire. Jabez was purchased by Willie and Gail Wood of Houston and sired Firewalker, the 2004 Reserve Grand Champion at the Houston Livestock Show.

Zebudah & her Twins by Meshach

The Twins
December 6, 2001 at the prestigious Wortham Theater on the stage of the Cullen Auditorium the flashy Texas Longhorn twin steers, Jonathan and David, sired by Meshach out of the Joshua daughter Zebudah, led in by two great Texas longhorn showmen, Bob Dube and Bob Garner started the Cow Parade Houston.  Cow Parade Houston was a charitable event benefiting Texas Children’s Hospital. Fiberglass cows were given to local artists to paint and decorate any way they chose.  Their finished product was auctioned off with the proceeds going to Texas Children’s.  I got to carry the shovel and broom while Bobby and Bob paraded Jonathan and David around the stage to the delight of the audience.  The vice president of Sotheby’s (the world famous London auction firm) conducted a lively fast paced auction.  The nine month old twins didn’t slip, didn’t poop and sold for $12,000. The 62 plastic cows plus the twins raised over $600,000 for Texas Children’s. It was a really fun evening.  When I first became a life insurance agent some of the first people I sold life insurance to were physicians who were interns and residents at Texas Children’s Hospital.  It was a Texas Longhorn way to say thanks.

The Belt Buckle
Meshach produced a lot of show cattle for us.  Gary Henry said 90% of his offspring were show quality.  He said it was the highest percentage of show quality cattle he had ever seen any bull produce including his own.  We showed a lot of Meshach’s sons and daughters and they won a lot of prizes and a number of belt buckles for us.  Debbie gave me one little wall where I can display our trophies and the Meshach offspring quickly filled it up with banners and ribbons.  Belt buckles started to pile up in a drawer.  At one show where we had won several belt buckles, I saw a young man who had that disappointed look of someone whose cow didn’t do quite as well as they had hoped so I gave him one of the belt buckles that a Meshach offspring had won.  The well brought up young man turned to his dad and asked if he could accept such a gift.  I quickly explained that my brother had given me a belt buckle when I first got my ranch that had my brand and name on it and I would not wear any of those belt buckles out of respect for my brother’s gift.  I also told the youngster he could only wear the belt buckle until he won his own and then he would have to give it to someone who had not won one yet.  Some years later the man and another young boy came up to me at another show.  The young boy said my brother won his belt buckle and he gave this one to me.  “What are you going to do with it I asked?” He replied I’m going to wear it until I win one and then give it to someone who hasn’t won one yet.  Sometimes even for an insurance salesman it’s hard to talk.




Meshach, Moses and Matthew,  or “Who’s Your Daddy?” Moses was another Meshach son who did well on the show circuit for us and was purchased by Bill and Corena Henderson.  Moses produced a lot of show champions for them.  One of his most notable accomplishments was winning Get of Sire at the 1999 International Championship show with two junior heifers and one junior bull from his first calf crop out of 12 cows. Moses won Get of Sire at a number of his shows, as did his son Matthew.  At the International Texas Longhorn Championship Show, Matthew, a son of Moses and a Meshach grandson, finished 2nd in Get of Sire in 2004 and 2005 and then won Get of Sire in 2007, 2008, and again in 2009.  Meshach, Moses and Matthew have all won Get of Sire many times and the consistent quality of their offspring makes them formidable competitors for Get of Sire.  A few years ago, all three had entries in the Get of Sire competition at the Texas Longhorn show in Hempstead, Texas.  Meshach won!

The Larry Lonero Story
Meshach had traditional Spanish horns.  Spanish horns go out of the head, drop down and back a little, then turn forward and sweep upward.  Sometimes they are called fighting horns.  Because Meshach’s horns were traditional, he was sometimes criticized for his lack of tip to tip length.  In October of 2000, Larry Lonero had a field day at his ranch to show off J.R. Seman’s first calf crop.  Larry graciously pointed out that the biggest horned calf in J.R’s first calf crop was out of the Meshach daughter, Grace. The calf had horns about an inch beyond the end of his ears at 6 ½ months. It was Grace’s first calf.

Kezia, a Meshach daughter

The Letter
In 2000, Don and Annette Plemmons from Grand Saline, Texas, purchased the Meshach son, Peter, from us. In 2006 I received a letter from them. Here are some excerpts from it… “We wanted to contact you for sometime to tell you how delighted we are with “Pete”.  He has remained real gentle and is a real joy to us and all who see him.  He learned early that he could come to the fence and call out for special treats.  His preference is watermelon, apples, pears… Everyone who sees Peter comments on his great beauty and gentle nature…. He produces the most beautiful calves we have ever seen and there are several big longhorn ranches near by… Thank you for selling Peter to us. He is a true joy…”If you have ever purchased a bull that pleased you, take the time to write the folks that you purchased him from a letter.  You’ll never know how a letter like this can make your day until you get one.


One He Left Behind
Naamah was born January 10, 2000. We showed her over a dozen times at both TLBAA. and ITLA Shows. She always finished at or near the top of her class. In 2007 she won Reserve Champion Mature Texas Longhorn Female at the Houston Livestock Show. In October 2007 two of her daughters sired by Matthew won Produce of Dam for her at the International Championship Texas Longhorn show.  It was the first time any of our cattle had won Produce of Dam at a Championship Show and it was done by a daughter of Meshach!

The Global Meshach
Meshach did some pretty amazing things in the sale ring also.  Not only did a pen of Meshach daughters top the Rocky Mountain Select Sale in 1999, and his son Paul top The Legacy Sale in 1997, but buyers from Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Indiana, Kansas, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Maryland, and North & South Carolina purchased 130 of his daughters and fifteen of his sons from us while we owned him. The crowning jewel was when a cattleman from Venezuela bought two of Meshach’s daughters.  I guess that makes Meshach part of the Global Economy.

The John & Chicki Mathias Story
We sold Meshach to the Mathiases in 2002.  He and his offspring continued their outstanding performance for them.  The Mathias’ had been raising Andalusian horses and Gelbvieh cattle.  They had 5 Gelbvieh cows and one didn’t get bred before the bull left.  Meshach provided what she needed and the next year her calf, a Longhorn/Gelbvieh cross, brought more than the full blood Gelbvieh calves at the commercial livestock sale and it was the youngest of the 5! Meshach continued to produce Texas Longhorn show champions for them. “Every one of his calves that we took to a show won something.  They let everyone know we were raising Texas Longhorns,” says Chicki.

The Carla Payne Story
Carla Payne was one of the first Texas Longhorn fitters to recognize the quality of the offspring Meshach produced and purchased a Pring daughter with a Meshach calf at side. She showed one of his first calves, Do Rea Me CP, at the 1995 TLBAA World Show.  Some years later she judged a Texas Longhorn show that Meshach offspring were entered in. She named one of his sons Grand Champion and another son Reserve Grand Champion. Meshach and his offspring made a lasting impression on all who saw them.

Russell Fairchild purchased a one year old Meshach daughter we named Keziah and won All Age Grand  Grand Champion with her at the 1996 East Texas State Fair. She was the first of Meshach’s offspring to win a Grand Championship. Meshach’s 2007 daughter GP Eden was shown by the Mathias’ at the 2008 TLBAA World show. Meshach produced lot of show champions and a lot of fun for many Texas Longhorn owners! Meshach passed away March 1, 2008, about three weeks short of his 16th birthday. No semen was ever drawn on him so what is out there is his contribution to the Texas Longhorn breed .

On October 23, 2009 at The International Texas Longhorn Championship Show Meshach’s daughter Sarah’s Joy owned by the Hendersons won All Age Grand Champion Female. At the same show his Grandson Matthew won Get of Sire for the third year in a row! It is the highest honor a breeding bull can win!

Power in the Pedigree!

Meshach’s ancestry, included Senator, Overwhelmer, Classic, Cowcatcher, and Texas Ranger J.P. Those are five of the greatest Texas Longhorn Herd Sires Of All Time according to the January 1996 Texas Longhorn Journal. There was a lot of quality in his ancestry to pass on, and he did. It is a great example of what stacking pedigrees can do. Each one of Meshach’s offspring have a consistent quality that is both desirable and profitable and they keep passing it on.

Meshach had one other asset which may have been the key to his success. Meshach is a Biblical name. You might remember the trio from history in the Bible, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego, the ones that King Nebuchadnezzar couldn’t make bow, bend, or burn. Their statement of faith in Daniel 3:17-18 inspires people even today. I believe naming his offspring Biblical names was the secret to Meshach’s success. The names remind us of the stories and people in the Bible that were used to tell us about The One God who created all and maintains all things, His only begotten son Jesus Christ who brought salvation to all, and His Holy Spirit who helps and comforts us.



Thank you Lord for letting us own Meshach for the time that we did and Thanks for the memories!