“We are putting more in them so You can get more out of them”

In January of 1986 We bought a ranch 67 miles from our home in Houston, Texas, and then a few Texas Longhorns. We named the ranch Kat-El, (pronounced “cattle”), after our daughters “Kat”herine and “El”izabeth. As I was leaving the ranch the day the Texas Longhorns were delivered, I realized how little I knew about cattle and ranching. I said a little prayer asking the good Lord to help and guide me and not let me hurt any of His animals. He heard and answered my prayer and blessed us with more success than I imagined was possible, and a lot more fun than I expected.

We began to acquire our Texas Longhorns in 1986 primarily from Darol Dickinson. We originally bred our foundation herd of about 50 cows to Mercedes, a grandson of Classic, then to Ranger Bar, a son of Texas Ranger J.P. Next we tried Monte Carlo, a Bail Jumper son and Cowcatcher grandson. His best offspring was out of  Projestic. In 1990 they produced a  very correct beautiful RED and white bull with black horns.  We named him Joshua. The red in Joshua’s coat turned darker, then became Brown and then turned Black.  My daughter Betsy, who was 6 years old at that time, showed him at the first Texas Longhorn Show at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in 1991. The color change trait causes some of his descendants’ to turn Parker Brown or Brindle.

Our best early successes came when we bred the foundation herd to the King family through a lease agreement with Carroll & Paula Shores. First we bred the herd to Kings Quixote, a King son out of a Don Quixote daughter, then we were fortunate enough to be able to use King himself and finally Kingfisher, a King son out of a Classic granddaughter. All three of the bulls worked well with our foundation herd and gave their offspring some additional bone, horn and muscling (BEEF).

The Texas Longhorns did what they were supposed to. They had calves every year, they thrived on the grass and water that God gave them and the  range cubes I threw out on weekends. My daughters liked the ranch and the outdoors as did Debbie and I. We especially enjoyed the visual pleasure provided by the Longhorns. A Darol Dickinson video tape  said crossing the King family with the Bail Jumper family produced very desirable results. Joshua was a Bail Jumper grandson. He was very correct and had great length.  We bred the daughters of King’s Quixote, King, and Kingfisher to Joshua. The results were as Darol predicted. Joshua’s daughters were very correct. There was no loss of bone or muscling that the King Family had put on their mothers, and they were taller than our foundation herd. They also had good horn. Many are around 60” as they reach age 10. Joshua’s daughter Nefertiti was the high selling cow at the 2001 Legacy Sale. In addition, Joshua’s parker brown color gave us a herd with black and white, brindle, darker browns and reds. We realized the Joshua daughters were superior Texas Longhorns. I knew it wasn’t  because of my cattle expertise, so I started naming them out of the Bible to give credit where credit was due and our program began to attract national attention.

During this period we were also experimenting with an A.I. program and our best success came from A.I.’ing J. F. Ashley  to Senator an Overwhelmer son out of a Classic daughter. In 1992 they produced a beautiful red and white bull, very correct yet massive. We named him Meshach.

In 1994 we began breeding the Joshua daughters  to our Senator son, Meshach, and we got the Texas Longhorn owner’s dream. We had size enough to be competitive in the beef market, a color spectrum that covered the Texas Longhorn rainbow, horns beyond the end of their ears at 8-10 months and outstanding conformation. Meshach’s calves are so correct, that the well known showman and show judge Gary Henry, after looking at 41 cows with Meshach calves at side, said “90% of Meshach’s  calves are show quality.” He also said it was the highest percentage of show calves he had ever seen any bull produce, including his own.  Darol Dickinson said he was “the second best son of Senator he had ever seen.” Mickey Wood described him as ” the best bodied Bull in the Texas Longhorn Breed.”

We believed these outstanding calves were all the work of Joshua and Meshach, but there was a hidden blessing that we were unaware of until 1996. The January 1996 Texas Longhorn Journal, published a survey of its readers naming the Greatest Texas Longhorns Herd Sires of All Time. They were in order Texas Ranger J.P., Bail Jumper, Overwhelmer, Don Quixote, Impressive, Cowcatcher, Measles Super Ranger, Senator Classic, Bold Ruler and King. When we looked back in the ancestry of the calves we were producing  in 1996 we found that the breeding combinations we had used were putting 7 to 10 of these great herd sires in every calf that Meshach and the Joshua daughters  produced. Students of genetics tell us “… the more quality you have in ancestry the more likely you are to have quality in the production.”  There were few if any Texas Longhorns anywhere with that  much POWER IN THEIR PEDIGREE.  Meshach’s offspring carry a lot of Texas Longhorn history and have a lot to pass on!

The Meshach sons and daughters proved very popular and we sold most within a few months of weaning. People from Kansas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Montana, South Carolina and North Carolina and all over Texas have purchased Meshach offspring. 15 of his sons became Herd Sires. Over 70 of his daughters were purchased by other Texas Longhorn breeders for their herds. In 1998, we started to show his offspring after several folks who purchased his offspring in previous years had shown them. There have been many class winners and several champions. In 1998 of the 213 bulls that had offspring at the ITLA International Championship Show or the TLBAA World Show, Meshach’s offspring won enough TLJ points to make him the 16th most successful show sire. For a  weekend rancher, 16th out of 213 bulls was wonderful. Meshach offspring won shows, toped sales and took our program to national prominence. We retained over 40 of his daughters before he was purchased by John and Chicki Mathias in 2002.  John and Chicki had also purchased several daughters of Joshua to breed him to. That proven combination continues to produce show champions for them. Meshach’s horn shape is called ‘traditional horns’ or ‘Spanish horns’. Most of his daughters develop  the beautiful high twist horns as they matu At the 2007 Houston Livestock Show, GP Pomega 5 a one year old daughter of Meshach owned by the Mathias beat a dozen other heifers to win her class. Sarah’s Joy an 11 year old daughter of Meshach owned by The Hendersons won Champion Mature Female. Naamah a. 7 year old daughter of Meshach,  who we own won Reserve Champion Mature Female. As if to prove you can’t get enough Meshach Matthew 6:34 won Reserve Grand Champion of the whole show! Matthew 6:34 is both Meshach’s  grand daughter (threw her dam Julia) and his great grand daughter (threw her sire Matthew)!

On September 4th 1996 Rahab, a daughter of Joshua, gave birth to a powerful red and white bull calf sired by Meshach. He had in his ancestry Classic, Bold Ruler, Overwhelmer, King, Texas Ranger JP, Cowcatcher, Don Quixote, Impressive, and Bail Jumper, 10 of “The Greatest Texas Longhorn Herd Sires of All Time”! We named him Moses! Moses was very correct, we had Bob Dube halter break and show him. He won several championships including reserve Grand Champion at the Houston Livestock & Rodeo. Bill and Corena Henderson purchased 1/2 interest in Moses we kept him at the Henderson’s where he produced many show champions for them. He also produced several great cows for us. Moses worked with almost every cow we bred him to.  The Hendersons’ purchased our 1/2 interest in Moses in 2003.  Bill took 3 of his offspring to The 1999 International Texas Longhorn Championship Show and won Get of Sire for Moses. Get of Sire is the highest show award a breeding bull can win. It is given for producing quality and consistency in his offspring. We found another blessing when we researched his ancestry and found that his grand sire Senator, his great grandsire Overwhelmer, and his great great grandsire Bailjumper had also won Get of Sire at Championship Shows. His calves have 4 ancestors who have won Get of Sire at either the Texas Longhorn Breeders of America World Show or The International Texas Longhorn Championship Show! They are Bailjumper(1988, 1989, & 1996), Overwhelmer(1989 & 1991), Senator(1993 & 1994),  and Moses(1999)!

We also used another Meshach son Redeemed. Redeemed was sold as a calf at side with his mom to Andy Rosendahl. Andy planed to use an ai program and allowed me to buy Redeemed back instead of sending him to the meat market. Since I redeemed him from death as my Jesus did me I named him Redeemed . Redeemed has in his ancestry eight of the Greatest Texas Longhorn Herd Sires of All Time including Measles Super Ranger, the only one Moses was missing. Bob Dube halter broke him and he won Jr. Champion Bull at the 1999 International Championship Show. Redeemed worked well with the daughters of Joshua, Meshach and Moses.

Then along came Matthew! Matthew is a Moses son out of Miss Texas, a King daughter out of Cina’s Phenomenon, a Phenomenon daughter, out of a Measles Super Ranger daughter was born in Sept. 1999. Matthew has the most powerful pedigree in the Texas Longhorn Industry. All of the greatest Texas Longhorn Herd Sires of All Time are in his ancestry, They are Texas Ranger JP,  Bail Jumper, Overwhelmer, Impressive, Don Quixote, Cowcatcher, Measles Super Ranger, Senator, Classic, King and Bold Ruler, as well as Phenomenon, Joshua, Meshach, and Moses  He also has most of The Greatest Texas Longhorn Dams in his ancestry including Doherty 698, Measles(WR 2849), Ranger’s Measles, Beauty, Maressa, Droop Horns, Wright 489, and Classic Reflection.  Matthew also has 6 of the 7 Texas Longhorn families in his ancestry! They are the Butler, Peeler, Phillips, W.R., Wright, and Yates families. (You can buy a bull of his and a cow from Maudeen Marks LH*7 ranch and have all 7 in their offspring. It works the other way too!)

Matthew was shown four times, winning Jr. Champion Bull twice, and Reserve Jr. Champion once. Matthew’s first calf crop produced two January 2002 bull calves that were purchased for herd sires before they were 9 months old. His fall 2002 crop produced 3 more.  The horns on his offspring are outstanding. He matches up well with the high horned Meshach and Redeemed daughters. His offspring have a flatter horn, which will mean more horn tip to tip. They have a world of color and are very correct.

His daughter Aholibamah born January 2002 won her class at the ITLA International Championship Show in Oct. 2002.  In June of 2003 she won 2nd in class at the TLBAA World Show Aholibamah is her dam’s first calf. Another Matthew daughter RHR Joyful Jubilation who was also her dam’s first calf won 2nd in her class at the TLBAA World show and his son Elihu won second in class and was purchased at the show. Matthew’s Jan.2003 son Philip won Jr. Champion Bull at  the ITLA Show  7/26/03. His Jan. 2003 daughter Candace won Reserve Jr. Champion heifer at the same show. Candace went on to win Reserve Grand Champion at The National Cowboy Symposium in Lubbock, Texas in Sept 2003.

Matthew’s son Romans 828 who was born 9/11/2003 started showing in April 2004. As of  Nov. 1st, 2004 when he was purchased by Houston Chapter President Bill Andrews he had won 1st in class at 10 of the 11 shows he’s been to placed 2nd once and won Jr. Champion Bull 6 times.  He was named Grand Champion Bull once. Matthew’s son  John 14:6 born 1/12/2004 won his class at 3of his first 5 shows and Reserve Jr. Champion twice. Matthew’s daughter Acts 1:8 won her class at 3 of her first 5 shows and Jr. Champion once Matthew  won Get of Sire at 2 of the shows! At the 2004 International Championship Show Romans 828 won Jr. Champion Bull, John 14:6, won Reserve Jr. Champion Bull, Acts 1:8 won Jr. Champion Heifer, and the three teamed up to win 2nd in Get of Sire for Matthew.

Acts 1:8 won All Age Grand Champion Female at The Texas Longhorn Show in Lufkin June 25, 2005. His daughter Matthew 6:34 won Jr. Champion Heifer at The Texas Longhorn Show in Dayton, Texas.

At the 2005 International Championship Texas Longhorn Show Acts 1:8 won all age Reserve Grand Champion! Acts 1:8, Matthew 6:34 who won second in her class and Psalm 4:5 who won her class teamed up to win second in Get of Sire for Matthew for the second year in a row! His daughter Matthew 6:34 won Reserve Grand Champion at the 2007 Houston Livestock Show! On October 19,  2007 Psalm 4:8, Philemon 1:3 and Psalm 25:5 teamed up to win First in Get of Sire for Matthew at The 2007 International Championship Texas Longhorn  Show. At the 2008 International Championship Texas Longhorn Show Psalm 25:5, Psalm 4:8 and Matthew 6:34 teamed up to win Get of Sire for Matthew for the second year in a row! Psalm 25:5 won all age Reserve Grand Champion. On October 23, 2009 at The International Championship Texas Longhorn Show Psalm 4:8, Acts 1:8, and Colossians 3:16 teamed up to win Get of Sire for Matthew for the third time. A THREE-PEAT!!!  Matthew’s calves have Five ancestors who have won Get of Sire at either the Texas Longhorn Breeders of America World Show or The International Texas Longhorn Championship Show! They are Bailjumper(1988, 1989, & 1996), Overwhelmer(1989 & 1991), Senator(1993 & 1994), Moses(1999), and Matthew(2007, 2008, & 2009).

Now I have a question  for you- Do you think Matthew is that good, or does having all those Great Texas Longhorn Herd Sires in his ancestry help, or does the Good Lord just want you to read those Bible verses?

As of  July 28, 2008 Twenty-two of Matthew’s sons have been purchased as herd sires. Mark, Elihu, John 14:6, Zechariah, Philip, and Stetson 50X have have already produced show winners. One of his Grandsons won Grand Champion Bull at the 2005 TLBAA Lufkin show and won Reserve Grand Champion at The Independent Texas Longhorn Show at The 2006 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.  At the 2008 International Texas Longhorn Championship Show his Grandson Luke 1:37 won Reserve Champion Jr. Bull. One of his grand daughters Jeremiah 17:7 was high point winner in her region.

The Good Lord blessed us with another great Bull!

Matthew has all 11 of The Greatest Texas Longhorn Herd Sires of All Time plus Phenomenon in his ancestry and those Great Herd Sires appear 24 times! At one time he had the most powerful pedigree on the planet. Today since the cows we breed him to have seven to all eleven themselves, all of his offspring have those great herd sires appearing over thirty times in theirs.  Matthew is producing calves with great horns, show quality  correct,  with an outstanding ancestry’s  that will show up in their offspring. It gives anyone  the ability to produce cattle that will be industry leaders. A cow with quality ancestors eats no more than a regular cow but produces better offspring.   November 15, 2010 Matthew was purchased by Jeffery &  Eileen Macdonald.  Thank you Lord for the time you let us on him and for finding him a good home!!!  He passed away October 2, 2012!

On November 24, 2002 we took a new direction in our breeding program. Calves sired by  Matthew,  with all 11 + Phenomenon, are now bred to Luke a very correct young bull with a world of color and a pretty good group of ancestors in his pedigree. They include Deigo’s Hot Shot, Blackwoods Deigo, GF G Man, Colorado Cowboy, and Bold Ruler. Luke was born 11/30/01, sired by Rutledge Dinger, out of Rutledge’s Miss Peggy. Deigo’s Hot Shot, and Blackwoods Deigo are out of Ray and Bernice Moore’s outstanding program based on cattle from the W. R. herd. Colorado Cowboy and Bold Ruler go back to the Butler family.  GF G-Man  was raised by Rex and Sherese Glendenning and is Butler and Wright breeding. GF G-Man was for years the longest horned bull in the breed till his son GF Heavy Hitter took the title. Luke’s first calves were born in the fall of 2003 they are very correct and they  have great horn. In 2007 we started to show the offspring of Luke. Isaiah 30:18, Acts 2:21, and Ephesians 5:19 teamed up to win second in Get of Sire for Luke at The 2007 International Texas Longhorn Championship Show. Those three Bible verses make a pretty good sermon too.  On March 8, 2008, Kenneth and Linda Allison of Porter, TX purchased Luke and 5 daughters of Matthew to continue the program Luke has made work so successfully.  Luke did an outstanding job for us and left behind a lot of colorful, big horned daughters.

In February 2004 We purchased 1/2 interest in RHR Tuffliner Guru!  Tuffliner Guru was born 12/27/1998. The picture below was taken Feb 7, 2004. Tuffliner Guru was Sired by Headliner out of the 68″ horn Cherry, his ancestry includes Superior, King Classic, Texas Lin, Dixie Hunter and Texas Ranger JP. He also has some great females in his ancestry including Rose Red , Archers Possum Eyes, Beauty, and Miss Texas Ranger.  Tuffliner Guru has the rare red buckskin or red dun color of some of the old time Texas Longhorns  with a little white on his head and legs.

Tuffliner Guru was produced by Jim and Barbara Atwell’s Royal Heritage Farm in Florida. He was purchased as a yearling by the sharp eyed Bill Lofton. Bill measured his horns in Oct. 2005 , They were 67 inches and they are still heading east and west. As impressive as his horns are we are even more impressed by his size!  We thank Bill and Kathy Lofton for selling us 1/2 interest in this great young Bull. His calves are big and have a lot of horn.  In December 2006 Leonard and Gail Moore purchased our interest in Tuffliner. Like with a lot of Texas Longhorns we were pleased to sell him and sorry to see him go.

Second Corinthians 5:7 is a son of Luke out of Asenath a daughter of Redeemed out of the Moses daughter Manna. He has all 11 of The Greatest Texas Longhorn Herd Sires of All Time in Ancestry, those great herd sires appear over 35 times. Those Great Herd Sires are Texas Ranger JP, Bail Jumper, Overwhelmer, Don Quixote, Impressive, Cowcatcher, Measles Super Ranger, Senator, Classic, Bold Ruler, and King! 2nd Corinthians 5:7 also has in his ancestry GF-G Man who for many years was the longest horned Texas Longhorn herd sire until his son Heavy Hitter took his place.  2nd Corinthians 5:7 is a very correct show quality bull and worked with our Matthew daughters beginning in April until September 2008. The Matthew daughters also have all 11 of The Greatest Texas Longhorn Herd Sires of All Time in their ancestry plus Phenomenon. That will put will put those Great Herd Sires in the ancestry of his calves 70 to 80 times. They will also have Phenomenon and GF G-Man two of the greatest horn producers of all time. That is what we call power in the pedigree!  In the spring of 2009 come by and see what they produce.

Psalm 138:7 was bred and raised by Dickinson Cattle Company. Darol convinced me he would work well with our Matthew Daughters. He has 10 of the 11 Greatest Texas Longhorn Herd Sires of All Time in his ancestry. They are Texas Ranger JP, Bail Jumper, Overwhelmer, Don Quixote, Impressive, Cowcatcher, Senator, Classic, Bold Ruler, and King! Those Great Herd Sires appear over 45 times in his ancestry. Psalm 138:7 is a son of Jamakizm, and has many other well thought of herd sires in his ancestry including Shadowizm, Jet Jockey, Zhivago, The Shadow, and Phenomenon. He went to work December 7, 2008 with 25 Matthew daughters who have all Eleven of the Greatest Texas Longhorn Herd Sires of All time in their ancestry as well as Moses, Meshach, Joshua, and Phenomenon. Every calf they produce will have The Greatest Texas Longhorn Herd Sires of All Time appear in their ancestry 80-90 times. A few will have them appear over 100 times!

Psalm 138:7 first calves started to  hit the ground next September of 2009.  From his first we were impressed, his calves were very colorful and very correct and most show some brindle. As they matured they show excellent horn growth.  We thought so much of his calves we sent the 3 oldest heifers and the oldest Bull to the 2010 International Championship Texas Longhorn Show. Two of the heifers Romans 5:21 and Psalm 37:4 won their Class and the bull John 14:21 won his Class  and was named Grand Champion Junior Bull. The three teamed up to win The 2010 Champion Get of Sire for Psalm 138:7!!! He beat Matthew who had won Get of Sire in 2007, 2008, and 2009. As of December 31, 2010 three of Psalm 138:7’s sons have been purchased for Herd Sires! Psalm 138:7 also won Get of Sire in 2011, and 2012,  like Matthew he was a three time winner of Get of Sire. Once again power was added to the pedigree and Psalm138:7’s calves have six ancestors who have won Get of Sire at either the Texas Longhorn Breeders of America World Show or The International Texas Longhorn Championship Show! They are Bailjumper(1988, 1989, & 1996), Overwhelmer(1989 & 1991), Senator(1993 & 1994), Moses(1999), Matthew(2007, 2008, & 2009), and Psalm 138:7(2010, 2011, & 2012). Psalm 138:7 passed away in January 2010 after 3 calf crops and they were outstanding.

With the sale of Matthew, and the premature death of Psalm 138:7, two of their sons step forward to take their place. John 14:21 is a brindle bull that was originally planned to take over Matthew’s herd. However, with Psalm 138:7’s passing, he was moved to breed to his herd. John 14:21 went to work at 18 months old, shortly after being a part of the team that won Get-of-Sire for Psalm 138:7 at the 2011 Houston Livestock Show. In April, we had a ranch tour at our Kat-El Ranch and John and Chicki Mathias bought half interest in John 14:21and will use him at their Grand Patch farm from June 1st through the end of November.  He will be at our Kat-El Ranch from December 1st through the end of May.

John 5:24 is a Matthew son out of Ephesians 6:8 (Produce of Dam, 2010).  John 5:24 went to work at an even younger age of 13 months.  He is taking over Matthew’s herd.  Because of his young age, he will share breeding duties with Matthew 28:19. We plan to rotate these bulls every couple of months.

Both of these bulls demonstrated their correctness at the shows for us John 5:24 won First in Class in at the 2011 Houston Livestock Show. John 14:21 won his class then was named Reserve Grand Champion Intermediate Bull – then was named Reserve Grand Champion All Age Bull at the 2011 International Texas Longhorn Championship Show in Glen Rose Texas.  John 14:21 started produces a lot of show quality correct calves most are brindle. 2013 was the first year he had enough calves old enough to compete in Get of Sire and at the 2013 Houston Livestock Show, The Mckinney Show, and The International Texas Longhorn Championship Show in Oklahoma City,  they won Get of Sire for him.  All of his calves have SEVEN ancestors who have won Get of Sire at either the Texas Longhorn Breeders of America World Show or The International Texas Longhorn Championship Show! They are Bail Jumper(1988, 1990, & 1996), Overwhelmer(1989 & 1991), Senator (1993 & 1994), Moses (1999), Matthew (2007, 2008, & 2009), Psalm 138:7 (2010, 2011, & 2012), and John 14:21(2013). We try to put a lot in them so you can get even more out of them!
This is what John 14:21 looks like today but his calves look even better! Thank you Lord!

In March 2013, we leased Champion (pictured at left) from Larry Lonero to work with the John 14:21 calves. In the fall, Bill Henderson and I purchased Exemplar (pictured at right), a son of Top Caliber, from Roger Hutton. We look forward to seeing their calves!

Some folks may think we were just lucky to get to where we are today. We know it’s because of a little prayer we prayed when we began. We invite you to visit our Kat-El Ranch and see how the Lord has blessed us !!!

We are putting more in them so You can get more out of them!