DOB: 5/1/2009Picture Taken: 5/14/2014Head Picture Taken: 5/16/2014Brand: 2:32

All 11 of The Greatest Texas Longhorn Herd Sires of All Time appear in her sire’s and her dam’s ancestry. The number in ()’s is the number of times they appear in her’s. They are Texas Ranger JP(27), Bail Jumper(4), Overwhelmer(4), Don Quixote(9), Impressive(3), Cowcatcher(8), Measles Super Ranger(4), Senator(4), Classic(5), Bold Ruler(5), and King(3) + Phenomenon(2), GF G-Man(1), Meshach(4), and Joshua(3)! Five of her ancestors have won Get of Sire at either the Texas Longhorn Breeders of America World Show or The International Texas Longhorn Championship Show! They are Bailjumper(1988, 1990, & 1996), Overwhelmer(1989 & 1991), Senator(1993 & 1994), Moses(1999), and Matthew(2007, 2008, & 2009). Her sisters are Psalm 34:1(7/17/07) and Psalm 37:5(3/17/10)!

Calving Record
01/24/2016Acts 2:23’s 2016 Heifer CalfHeifer1 John 4:9
02/13/2015Acts 2:32’s 2015 Heifer CalfHeiferBonanza
03/02/2014Acts 2:23’s 2014 Bull CalfBullJohn 14:21
03/05/2013Acts 2:23’s 2013 Bull CalfBullJohn 14:21
03/30/2012Acts 2:23’s 2012 Heifer CalfHeiferWInsome
05/12/2011Acts 2:23’s 20141 Bull CalfBullPsalm 138:7

Exposure Record
Exposed ToFromTo
1 John 4:912/2014Now
John 14:2103/02/201406/21/2014


  • Acts 2:32
    • Matthew 2007, 2008, and 2009 Grand Champion Get of Sire!
      • Moses 1999 Grand Champion Get of Sire!
      • Miss Texas
    • Philippians 4:4
      • Luke
      • Bitiah